I need help about this build error

I want to export .aab file but i am not able to build and faced this error

please help, how i can get solution…

Press view log and post a screenshot

May be project within project

If possible have a look at this (may be the cause or may not)

Also make sure there is no count in the red marks in blocks view . Is there any red count?

Does apk compiles ? Do you have that error only when you try to compile aab ? If not most probably you have a project within a project. If you wish post your aia or pm me to check it

As I said most probably project within a project

both apk and .aab are not compiled.

I have copied screen, after this error occoured…

Most probably somehow project got corrupted or …If you wish post here or pm me your aia to give it a look

thx, i am checking, if not succeed then i will contact u.

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