I need help for my kodular app


I am developing an app that is like Spotify which has a song upload system. I have almost developed my app. But the problem is coming. When I play songs, I have used a Slider to show how much the song has been played, but that system is not working. I have used the EXO player for Songs Play. And the songs come from the Airtable, the URL of the songs is Cloudinary. Please help me


What is the license of the songs you play/share?


I do not have a license right now, I am just creating app.

Are you going to share commercial songs or songs that you are allowed to share?

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Users will upload songs on this app.

Can you help me.

How will you prevent users from uploading illegal obtained music?

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This work is mine, I will check whether this song belongs to the same user or not, because everyone does upload their song on YouTube and many other places.

If you make something like Spotify you will get in trouble if users upload illegal music. It is your app so music companies will come after you or Google will suspend you for spreading illegal music.


Actually, I want to make an application of every type. I am trying to all types make the best apps.

And can you tell me how to publish apps on Kodular Store?

I did something similar:

I use two labels and a slider.
These are the blocks. You can adapt them to what you need. I use the clock component to format the minutes and seconds and make it show what is left to finish the song

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Thanks for help

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Dont share contact numbers

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Because it is not allowed to share personal info on the community. Use PM for that.

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Like @Peter said, do not allow or distribute music that is not licensed to be freely distributed. Not only your app or your whole account will get suspended or terminated. But you will also be damaging Kodular’s reputation affecting us all and making it harder to make successful apps in the future.


I was just making app. I will not publish it.