I need help on how to get the last index of reoccurring item

When Button1 click i want to be able to get the last index of every repeated item in the list. But this block only get the item in position 1, but there are three item that are repeated in the list. I want to be able to get the index in a csv row like 1,2,3 then i will use split text to get the last index, or is there other method i can use to achieve this? below is my blocks.
blocks (15)

I want to use this method in one of my app.

Can you elaborate more clearly so we could understand that

What i want is to get the last position of any repeated item in a list. for example if i have letter A repeated four times in a list, i want to be able to get the position of the last index of letter A.

Reverse the list
Sorry, I understood something else.
Maybe this can help you:

i did reverse it, but i’ll still get index 1

let me work around with it.

You can do it in this way you have to take a local variable set it to empty list then inside of that local variable take a loop to check if each item in list contains text you are looking for if it’s true then add that item to local variable using add item to list now when the checking process over then use block set text of Labe that you used in screenshot select list item list (list will be the local variable) and in index use Length of list (list will be local variable)

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It will work in this way suppose in the list text “a” is used menu times at the position of 1,2,4,6,9,11,22,56 then this method returns all in a list but using this method it will return index as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

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i made a mistake here

I have gotten the solution from this post How to get index no of two same item in a list

Thank you @vknow360 and @CJcorp for your contributions.

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