hello good i need help

I want to do a multiplication with the initial value

click do it, then share us screenshot…

it does nothing haha


why you didnt take the excat value? see the error clearly it sys you are trying to multiply text with list items…

select the third item and remove the dollar symbol, now it will work.

also say me what will printed in PRECIO label text initially? els it will go into loop mode unti it print

UPDATE: @Juanandres
Imagine this start Value comes from previous screen

I managed to do the sum but now the number does not move the one we had done before, put in

Do you remember this


and the subtraction goes to negative numbers I want it to cap at the starting price for example $50 and I add 2 elements would be $100 and if I subtract again and go down to 1 negative numbers come out I want you to not be able to do it so that only the starting price remains, which would be $50 that after those $50 does not make me negative

block addition

block subtraction

If you explain to me with blocks, I can understand


ok i will try

here you must remove the dollar sign else again you will get error

WE DID IT hahaha excellent thank you very much sorry for the waste of time I am new to this I am going little by little step by step to try to improve every day I know I have a lot left but with the help of the community we are achieving it I would love to be able to help future people who having problems like me how do you do it thanks for your time


thanks men

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