I need help plz guide me

I created a shop screen and a inventory, can u guide me when i buy any items from shop how can i make it so that will automatically move to inventory once the item is bought

Will appreciate your help

Use tinydb, or any database to store when item is purchased and call the concern filed whenever he open the screen

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Use airtable to store the data with tinydb to store the row ID as index id and everytime the user opens the app, simply call the cell with using tinydb index id to check the list of user using row id stored in a tinydb.

from there everything will work perfect for your ecommerce app.

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Can u teach me using a video or blocks i kinda didn’t understand sorry for trouble

Read this guide

For firebase


Firebase Database | A Guide for Beginners

For airtable

If i store a image in data base and i put the blocks get value will i get the same image in another screen?

Yes, you will and you can

Thank u for guidance , it work perfectly
Hope you will guide me in future too