I need help with LeadBolt

Hello I need a big help, I have my app ready and about to be launched, the only thing I need is monetization, what is the use of spending your time in an app and not monetize it? I want to monetize my app preferably with LeadBolt, what I want is to place the following:

Banner LeadBolt: But I want that when the screen is in vertical it is shown and when it is horizontally it does not

Video LeadBolt: I want 10 seconds after opening the app to show a video …

I would greatly appreciate the help because I only need that to finish my app and I have tried hard, but a lot of trouble I would like you to specify the steps well since I do not want to be wrong …


Use a banner, but a video will be very annoying.
Please share you blocks! what do not you know how to do ?

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Use the orientation chane event for that.

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