I need help with onesignal

I hope you can help me, I imagine that I am missing a step somewhere, I send a photo from one signal and I want the image to open (sent from couldinary) when clicking on the notification, it opens the app. where do I have the error?

Just wanted to ask very basic question.Whcih component/extension you’re using for sending notifications??That doesn’t look like one signal component :thinking:

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Okay i’ve completely forget about that.as i said it was a basic question :sweat_smile:
Problem: So you need to set the bug image url before sending the push notification.
Any way let me say what will your code do:
You i will pick an image.
It will be uploaded to cloudinary
When it has been uploaded the url will be displayed in a label.
Now when you click button one it will send a push notification with a big image is equal to the image you’ve uploaded.(Just here there was a problem that you’ve set the big image url after and not before sending )
Is that what you want

Sorry for the translator’s issues, I didn’t understand what you wanted to ask me, if I don’t understand wrong with my basic English, I have an image in my gallery, I upload it to couldinary and the result of that gives me a url, until there it is right.
ok now i send with big picture url. When I receive the notification I would like that when I click on it, the sent image opens (the final size does not matter), now what do I think I would need the activity starter to open the browser with the image? or how would open the url of the image when pressing the notification?

First your blocks won’t work for this reason:

Sp you don’t need to open image url in a browser.The normal image component can view urls as well :wink:
Now you will need to do the following:
Use when notification clicked event in the push notification component ( as this extension is for sending only you receive with the built in push notification component ).Now you have a problem
You can’t know the large image!The only ( not a very god way is to set your message to the image link.And then set the image component picture property to the message parameter ( in the push notification component )

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