I need help with taifun notification listner

I want to create a private app in which when there is a notification in device it will store in tiny db as taifun listner extension does
I wanted to get all data in listview image and text , so i needed package name and everything else to be separated so I refered to this question in community
Then I used this extension to get app name from package
But when I opened the app in my device it showed error
I have attached the error and blocks with it

It looks like the PkgUtils extension returns an error… see also here PkgUtils : An extension to work with Packages - #137 by ABDILAHI_KHAMIS

Should I use package utilities instead of this extension
Then will it show any problem?

I used package utilities component also
It’s showing the same error
What should i do to get app name from package name?

Probably these extensions are not SDK31 ready? You could report the problem in the correct thread, so the author will be aware of the issue. .

You also can try the packagemanager extension

  • If you plan to upload your app into Google Play, make sure to follow the Google policy.


Can you provide blocks that how this extension can help me convert package name to app name in my app

Learn to work with JSON, search for the package name to get the corresponding app name
Search the community for JSON examples


Can you tell how json can help me do this?

It does not look like you tried the packagemanager extension at all, else you would know, that the result is given as JSON