I need some help with some activities

I need to make my application perform multiple directions for different functions, these functions, each different application has, so I need some activities to open the default application chosen by the user to perform a function.

The activities I need are:

  • Open a translator and translate a text
  • Make a call to a specific number
  • Add a contact of a specific number
  • Open a message application to send a message to a specific number.

These are the activities I need, I already researched Google but found nothing about it, so I would like you to help me. If there is some page listing all android activities and their functions that any of you know can pass me? I also did not find anything about it.

Have no idea but if you have one installed on your device then see here how to look up for activiti.

Action: android.intent.action.CALL
DataUri: tel:123456789


Action: android.intent.action.SENDTO
DataUri: smsto:123456789
ExtraKey: sms_body
ExtraValue: your text


thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Do I need to add extras?
I wanted the open messaging application to ask for the text, my application would only provide phone number.

Try without and see what’s happening.


It was trying, it worked, thank you!

Editi: They all worked, the translation part I did not find, but I can discard it.

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