I need some testers for my new app

Hey koders,
I need help from you to test my app can you test my app and review my app.

Download here - https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1uI4DZWT-ZctBdtpXPHxq0SlKCgyuSJYH

The Ui is okay and the App works but you should change the font because it’s hard to read and not really modern.

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Thank you
What front should I use there
Did you test app in my devices it is lagging

You can look at Google Sans Serif Fonts. Make sure you can read them easy.

Android Material Design prefer to Roboto

I tested the app on a Huawei P10 Android 10. I didn’t download anything but it’s not lagging.

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ok thank you very much but
I downloaded image and set as lock screen it is not setting

does any one know how to change font in side bar and tab layout

It get stuck when it initialize, my phone ram is 8gb so i think if internet connection is low or if it didn’t load images it get stuck in the rest it is fine good ui

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Ok thank You for your review :heart::heart:

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