I need to know how to make the function of the buttons to take the user to a new page.

I am new to Kodular, and new to creating websites and apps. I have several buttons on my app. What I am trying to do is set up button functions. I have several buttons in line with several pages on my app. What I need to know is how I can connect the home page with the home page button and also to connect the profile page and explore page with said button.
So when my users click on the explore page button they are directed to the explore page itself.

Use button onClick block and set under onClick set openAnotherScreen from control blocks and set screen name.

This should only be done if Screen1 was previously closed. However, most users decide not to close Screen1, but to open further screens from there, which then only have to be closed in order to return to Screen1.

When explore button click
Do open another screen " screen 2"
That’s it

@WeMakeBest If you meant how to reload Screen1, then it’s ok: