I only have 1 project and this error happen to me

I only start with 1 project and this error is happening :
Any solution? The progress circling for ever… not files were loaded.

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Reload the Browser page, i guess it’s can be network speed problem!

Rename the project and retry

I just want to know how many process or block can a project handle? My app is a casino app which got hundreds of winning combinations and so the “check your winning” have to contain many combinations of process such as : A, A, A, A, A, A, is the jackpot, and: A, A, A, A, A, x, is a 5 winning… I used the if, then, else block for this. I slowly added one by one…and I backup the aia file after maybe 10 process(This was the the hard lesson I learnt from Thunkable). By working on these steps suddenly the server popup: can not save files. So I log out, log back in after 2 hours and can not load my project anymore. I deleted the project and upload the latest version of my backup aia files and “server error. Can not load file” popup… I been repeating this so many times but same error turns out. I think that the Makeroid (and even Thunkable) have limitation for the blocks/process for an App. I don’t know what to do besides deleting the project and stop the project. I may start a new project due to this limitation/problem. It is a bit sad that platform like this is very good for app makers like me who has no coding knowledge but the problem limits/cut off our creativity and ideas.

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Well absolutely no , just reduce few strings inside aia ,

upload it, where it was developed , most probably app.thunkable.com .

I face similar related problem uploading one of my ludo related project , reducing number of screens , strings , api will solve your problem.