I praise the developers for being quick with bug fixes


Read the title :sweat:!

@hammerhai What is this:question:

The title… It explains the topic :smiley:

But, There is not Topic Body. This Is Not Fair With Topic Creation to write on Yes :smiley:

Well I mean… I could’ve typed more, but it was able to be summarized in that one line that was short and concise :sunglasses:

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Nice, Very Smart :sunglasses:

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Well actually I am confused.
By developers you meant Kodular Developers or Extension Developers because both are developers.

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Next Einstein is among us guys


All developers alike :desktop_computer:!

In that case, thank you. :grinning:

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Then why I can’t make window apps :expressionless: and also extensions :expressionless:


I think I am ---- IDK