I received a message from Kodular

What does this message mean and what should I do ?

اهلا محمود,

رساله من الرد الألى واعتقد تم اضافتك في قائمه المترجمين.

What should I do ?

Reply to it:
“start advanced tutorial”

How can I start an advanced educational program and will it help me with something?
How can I respond to them?

For next time @mahmoud_hooda

Keep in mind that the official language of the Community is English, so images, videos etc should be as well…

okay, I’m sorry
I did not notice

I have modified it

Hello @Boban, Can I also do this tutorial and How can I do ?

As @Hassan pointed out just replay to that message with

@kodebot start advanced tutorial

I don’t get the email


Do you have any previous message from Kodebot? Just reply in that message with the text

@kodebot start advanced tutorial


A new message to Kodebot with above mentioned text will also do the trick I think

Your trust level has been increased, good job! No further action required. This is just a message from system bot who says you are now a Basic user. You can delete the message from your inbox if you want.

Now you have new abilities such as personal messaging, flagging, and post multiple images and links on community.

If you want to earn more badges on community, you can enter to the tutorial by replying the message with the command which you got in the message.

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No, I don’t received any email from Kodebot previously.

To what email address, I have to send email.

I got a message from KodeBot and I don’t know what this means

Just read.

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You’re joking

Btw, how is it that you are a translator


I think Kodular should create a small quiz for testing user’s grammar before getting accepted into the Translators group.

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I read at the end of the message
Edit Post
And I don’t know which post he meant

Please tell what to do?