I subscribed premium but it showing FREE

I have just subscribed your premium, even after that my account is showing in the free version and the app is not even building.

How long has it been since you subscribed? It can take around four hours for the changes to be reflected.

about 20 minutes ago

Try waiting for four hours. It should start working. :smile:

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I also subscribed premium but after 1 days still showing free and unable to build my app please fix

i waiting from last 1 days but my kodular also showing free

i am aslo waiting from last 1 days but my kodular also showing free

Me too, already spent more than a day, more specifically 36h and still shows Free. Kodular turned scam?

There is no scam it will be activated shorty in your account.

@Cred_Up1 @Rajasthan_Study_2 @lgsilveira try clearing your browser data, logging out of the Creator and back in, and lastly use CTRL+Shift+R to force reload into the current version of the site. Do let me know if you get it working. I agree, you should not have to wait for so long to have your purchase enabled. To the best of my knowledge, this is not a scam, but some sort of technical difficulties in the backend. Instead of going by my words on this topic, it would be better to wait for an official statement on what’s wrong.

I’m coming here to say that my Premium account has just been approved :clap::+1:. It took about 36 hours by credit card.

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