I tried Starting Another App using Activity Starter but the App Open Within the App made By Kodular

I Used Activity Starter to Open Discord And Invite People through my App by this Button…

But as I Click on this Button, Discord does Open…But it Opens Within the App made by me in KodularScreenshot_20200622-124241_Discord

Here Are my blocks

And Once It’s Open No-matter how many times i press Back it Doesn’t go back to my App Screen Unless I Close My App from Background and Start it Over…

Same Is the Case with two more Cases where i Used Activity starter to open App

Can Someone help…I want it to Open in-Separate …

Check this, however I am not sure if it will open your discord link.

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Thanks but it Doesn’t Work…
Any Expert watching this Please see To it…

I didn’t understand what’s on your screenshot

By the way I’ll take a look and let you know


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Try custom tabs on failed of activity starter or change the activity starter to new one
I don’t know why this problem happened . In which screen this discord button have

Can anyone Try it Yourself and help me out… please :pleading_face:… I’m just Stuck…I searched All over Community but Nothing could help me

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did You get something?

Please can anyone help this? i am also facing same problem. i want to come back main menu when back press or exit My app when activity start.
i tried when activity start close Screen option that also not working.


Try this will work.

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not really, because an activity starter component never can be true

which Android version are you using for your tests?


Yes just i tried it is not working.
Can you suggest any solution please.

you might want to elaborate, what exactly is the problem you are asking about and also please provide the Android version you are using for your tests


I am using android version10.
Open another app by using Activity starter. Example:- Open another app like Whatsapp from made by Kodular App. After Activity Start Whatsapp working well but next time open Kodular App it directly open Whatsapp. not Kodular App. Until close recent apps.

you might want to provide a simple test project as simple as possible, which demonstrates this issue, so someone else can test
also please explain, what needs to be done to elicit this issue…


I want to make an app which renonize google voice when app open then a Google Now Dialog open and send voice commands to it and these commands will go to clipboard automatically.

I have make it but problem is that the background screen appear of app name as Default Screen_1 of kodular.

Anyone have solution of it???

please provide a screenshot so others understand, what you are talking about

Hi !
I am on the same problem !
When I call the SMS default app, I cannot return with the back button on my own app :frowning:
It seems it is the same problem…
Any solution on it ? a param or other ?
regards :slight_smile:

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@luv_sharma Use Activity Package Name To com.discord Then Set Activity Class To com.discord.app.AppActivity$Main

Data Uri As Yours

Then Start Activity

for me it is not discord but sms app…
I did that :