I try to split a number but not working

As shown in the image , i try to split the number 24 but result showing blank.
if its index 1. But if i index 2 it work good.

Result is showing blank.

Use segment start block it will help you.

i try not working at all.

which number you want from 24 tell me i will explain

i want to split 2 and 4 then want to add ( + ) them.

Screenshot (42)
use it like this and you can also save your value in global variable .


no its not working in my case

if you explain more then i can help you show some of your blocks so will see what is going on

Android version 10 ? Cause there is a known bug with split block. See how to overcome in the post below

No, definitely it will work. IF it is not working then you are looking for some other. Try to set it in any label you will get the answer as 6

blocks (2)
Try this method, its work for me.


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Split a string with empty string, you will get a list in which the the first item is a empty string. If you don’t want it, you can always delete first item.

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But dint work for me i place index 2 & index 3 now its working … i dont know why it happen in my project.

Read this

and follow the link

You split string 24 with empty string you will get a list with length = 3. This is normal.

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