I unable to build my App into apk, "the compiler error output was"

Please help me to build my project.

Search the community.

My project doesn’t have big files. Although I deleted png files . But still unable to Compile. Please Give solution


Click on the View log button and show us the error message.

Or, the common issue that this happens is


This is error log Message :
“Kodular is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was”

I put com.android.darkbrowser as package name. I removed the package name and tried to build but I couldn’t.
Don’t understand installing project as an extension

Try to export your project after sometime.

Hello @ramrajput200021 ,
Yesterday onwards I was trying to build. But I couldn’t.

I have face the same problem but I try again after some time and I am able to export my project successfully.

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Have you looked at your aia file, so that it doesn’t contain any unwanted files

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Hello @Boban,
What file I need to delete?

As @Boban supposed you have another project in your project:

So remove these yellow marked items and try again.


Project in a project?

Thank you So much . It’s working. Specially @Boban and @bodymindpower

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