I want a custom extension , i will pay for it

i want a custom extension , the extension is related to facebook sharing and instagram sharing , i will pay the price for this

these are the developer code link

if any one can do this please reply me.

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hey what do you want


You can check it:


thank you this is the extension what i needed is , please can you share the link from where the extension you got

I made it this extension.

i am not able to understand how to use the extension , please can you a make a sample aia for this , i will pay for you

SocialShare.aia (189.8 KB)
This is of app inventor

can you share your whatsapp number , i want to share some apis about the extension

You can share here only or on my discord

2024-06-09 - 09_39_12 - Kodular Creator

i have checked the aia developed by you , can you help me ,how can i share the image + text

use same block again but change content uri