I want an example of app for shop or news

Hello! Nice day to all …

Im’ a basic creator, very basic. Really I started now. In the moment, I need one model to shop and news. Can I help me with one basic model! I have some facility to create designer, but I have difficulty with the blocks functions.

Thank very much!


Please specify your problems.

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He wants to help him. Which part don’t you understand? :joy:

I think there are some AIA.
Have you looked for what you want (AIA file), here in the community?:mag:

What is your difficulty with the blocks, tell us.:+1:

Have you tried anything, show us :+1:?

Do you know how a shop and news app should work?


Have you looked for what you want (AIA file), here in the community?:mag:

And maybe you should start with something easier. Try to get started with Online Databases like Airtable or Firebase and Dynamic Components. You would need both.

Try to get the core parts working and get help on specific problems you have.

If you confident enough you can start to create it all in one app.

Hello asimjib93! Thanks for answering! Well, I actually want to make some useful apps for vulnerable audiences. For example, people with disabilities. I created a project for the blind. The user can ask the app to give him his position. The application obtains voice and transforms it into text, and, when locating on the sensor in text, it returns the location in voice… Another for people with Autist and students and learning disabilities in chemistry, that is, it asks and receives this information fed by the teacher. They are not applications with commercial intention, only with the intention of helping people.

Hello Ded_Sec_00! I have a lot of confidence, I started 3 or 4 months ago, but I have already built some projects. Since I know these types of apps, stores and news have similarities to what I design, I asked for help! Thank you so much! …

Hello Rogerio! I see you in the Kodular comunity of braziian country - FB! I’m brazilian too.
I still can’t chain variable and procedure creation. I design an organization to include items, but I can’t, at least yet, establish relationships so that a button, when clicked, accumulates this information and then returns it to me. My goal is to create non-commercial applications for vulnerable audiences. I’ve looked on youtube, but almost all are incomplete. Today I was seeing one of “Ju” and I imagined that he would help me, but also incomplete. I believe that when I substantiate this issue of using variables and creating procedures well, I will go further.

If you not help, only just look who can! …

Then what help do you need?
Do you facing any error?

We can’t help you from nothing.

I’ll go deeper and I’ll list some specific issues and then I’ll post it in the community. I believe it will be easier to show the assembly of the blocks. Thank you! …

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Well. Your ideas are great. My postgraduate project in database was the creation of a software to help the visually impaired and dyslexic.

From what you wrote, you couldn’t understand or associate events with objects (components - buttons, carviews etc), right? Or something else?

Do you need a simple example aia?

Have you read the Kodular documentation?

And This :point_down:?


To store during app open, use variables. For “permanent” storage, use database - local Tinydb or Sqlite or remote. Processing of a procedure only occurs after an event has occurred.

  • a time is up : do something
  • the user clicked on a button : do that

These blocks are the yellow blocks and inside them you will place the “do something” blocks (like write a text in the database, write a value in a variable…)

And along with that logic you have to design your UI.

Do you need a simple example aia?:+1:

Hello Roberto, sorry for the delay. Thanks for answering. In the project for the blind. It would be to add a speech recognizer to capture the audio and the system to return information to the person with hearing loss, also in audio. The system captures voice → and returns text, but to the blind it makes no difference, so I need to return audio. I made the beginning of the idea, but I didn’t advance the thread as there are blocks to serve the application. If you have something like how I do this chaining, I’d appreciate it. The purpose is to learn.