I want an extension

I want an extension to complete my project
I want YouTube extension with pixel setting like play store Vedio player and automatic plays the vedio by vedio id and the component of vedio player have not complete coding thats play a vedio in effect of YouTube rules, YouTube relus are (one of the it can stop any time other vedio player sites from youtube
the extension will able to play vedio in effect of YouTube rules

its YouTube component player in pic thats not playing vedios at some time

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Maybe tell what you are willing to pay.

Extension already available but if kodular built in youtube player component not work for than extensions also will not work for you.

tell your price if I afford I will pay…!

I don’t develop extensions but maybe for a developer who wants to make it.

If you want to hear a number. 50 dollars. I guess you want earn money with it so i think that is a good number.