I want an free aix file for chemical symbol and latin name identifier

I want an extension that can say the chemical symbol and latin name of chemical element

For example: If I put Sodium in a textbox it need to say its latin name (Naidranium) and its chemical symbol (Na)

rather than an extension try some api or you can make a dictionary of key value and manually enter the element as the key and the

as the value or I will make a extension by tomorrow

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Why do you want extension for this ? And the Lattin name of elements are limited. You can make use of this site, when screen initiali just extract the name, symbol, reason or meaning in Lattin name of the particular element. So when user inputs text, use the block compare texts, you can show the result automatically.

And it is just very simple process


Thank You, for your help and i request you to give it free for me

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That is a nice Idea but I want that if ther type sodium cloride it need to say NaCl

But Thank You for your help

ya it would be free , i will try making the extension by tommorow

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Thank You For your help

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And another help, please do that also

The help is, If I put NaCl in textbox it need to say that Sodium Cloride
and another one is if I put Sodium cloride it need to say NaCl

Just use this json. Not extension necessary. Information is easy to get out with a web component.


I think a lot of users believe an extension is the holy grail of a blockly builder. You can do most things without an extension.


Where can I paste this code

This is JSON response, and you can extract the required value by using desire method .

But that was nice JSON @Peter , thanks for that. I will make use of that :+1:

What else you want, it comprises of all details… Great…

Ok, But where I need write this JSON

Copy the link into web URL, when web got text just parse JSON to list using dictionary method…

I am not understand can you send me the block :grinning:

Wait… I am in online class, I will send you… just stay to build as per the above said… You will correct yourself…

Ok thank you

Just search the community for json. There are plenty of topics and tutorials.

Ok I will search

Search on community instead begging for blocks.