I want dynamic image component

i need dynamic image componet for my app. Please add it.

some more information about this will help others to decide, if they want vote or not. try to explain why you want this feature and what will you do with this feature, etc.


Firebase database or airtable classic or tinywebdb using, you can create

do you know about a tutorial for it?
I was just about to open a topic asking about this.
I am developing an app where there will be listed products from a database. But may be there will be 100 products so it is complicated to add hundreds of components at the screen (each product will need 1 picture and 2 or labels).


In this way you can add values ​​from the firebase database to the list


Hum, a listview is a great idea. But the list view is limited,The list view with image and text can save the day but it can only have 2 blocks of text and there is not much to do to personalize the design.
A dynamic image component + the already existent dynamic components would make every thing possible. But you helped me a lot man, thanks!

Oh, I just had an idea that may work the same way.
If the dynamic button had the possible to set an image as a background (now we can only change background color) it would work basicly the same way than a image dynamic component.

Talking about it I never understood why it is not possible to set a picture as background of dynamic buttons.

I think You can use this extension To Make Dynamic Images : [Extension] DynamicComponent extension - Extensions - AppyBuilder

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I have tried it already but this is not a good option it didnot load images fast and also if there is a big data then it makes the app slow and also sometimes the app may crash. If Kodular add dynamic image component in the dyanamic component section then that will be good just like dyanmic button and label

Please add in next release