I want firebase analytics and admob ad unit change property

I Want firebase analytics component and also Admob ad unit change property

Do you think they could add that within the next 24 hours? Maybe it’s already added

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I have already requested Makeroid for A Facebook Analytics for tracking our app.

I think they will add it in further releated but not in this

How do you not know if they dont have it now? Although they haven’t shown a sneak peek of it doesn’t mean they dont have it… Along with that they said all sneakpeeks wont even reach 1% of they’re work, so there’s way more hidden that well see today

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I can tell you one thing, Never mind I cant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: You Makeroid Illuminati Note Keeper XD

i was just sure because no one requested it before and also talked about it o instagram and they said they will add it further release :wink:

I see this is an old request from kodular developers.
There is a post from kodular staff 6 years ago saying they were working on it - Firebase Analytics Extension
Anyone knows if they gave up this amazing component and we better to conform to use extensions or if we can still dream with this amazing component?

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@Kodular , Please Reply…

This says they “have plans…” not “were”


Small and at my opinion not much relevant difference between what u said and what I said

There was no Kodular 6 years ago.

@Sander might have some updates on Firebase components.

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Typing mistake kkkk I guess I should be worried
Not normal to mistake years and months :joy: