I want HackProof extension

I want hack proof extension .If anyone interested to build this extension contact me. I will pay for this extension

What do you mean by hack proof? Explain in details what exactly you want to do.

component_method (5)
component_method (6)

component_method (8)

. I Want these types of features to incorporate .If you are interested contact me. Whatsapp:8079988635

This might still be useful:

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component_method (15)
component_method (16)

These features are not enlisted in the extension which i have .So I want a new one with the above features must compatible with android 13

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I will try.

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Once I too wanted this type of extension,

I ask ChatGPT and it gives me the code and i compiled with Niotron IDE​:blush:

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Where did you find these methods?
Are these extensions?
And why don’t you use these methods from there?