I want new things :)

here my suggestions list :slight_smile:

  • Listview with image
  • swipe function
  • calendar view
  • card view
  • bg services

YEAH! i want too :slight_smile:

Which swipe functions do you want?
And what do you mean with calendar view?
There is the date picker :smile:

I think, he means just a Calendar Display.

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For screen :joy:not only 1 component

Hello Yusuf
How about a Splash Screen that can be displayed while the app is loading. The splash reassures the app User that everything is OK - It could also be used for brief tips on how to use the app. I know this is not an easy feature to impliment, AI2 does not have it.

Concerning your request for “swipe” - do you mean horizontal screen scroll?

yeah i want horizantal swipe like whatsapp

You of makeroid …
could you please add this widget to the palette? :rofl::rofl:

He is not a Makeroid developer, only it’s user

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Como vão?

Penso que seria grandioso se adicionassem um bloco onde pudessemos “injetar” código em Java no nosso aplicativo. Tipo o que a sketchware tem.
Iria facilitar muitas coisas.

bg services :smiley:


Creio que isto não será inserido, pois o App Inventor e seus forks como Makeroid e outros, tem justamente a intenção de facilitar a criação de aplicativos sem ter conhecimento de programação. Lógico que para programadores profissionais como você isto é util, mas tenha a certeza que para a maioria absoluta não vai ser. Que o digam os @admins.

Yep, @Kleyber_Derick is right

Also, AppInventor files aren’t compatible with Java structure, so we can’t convert it

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How does App Inventor Java Bridge work then? App Inventor uses Kawa (Yail is a Kawa dialect), as Mark from App Inventor team said, they chose Kawa because of that. You can actually find more info about that in a recent topic on App Inventor open source development forums which Pavitra made asking about Jython.