I want some professional look in my app

Hello Koders,
I’m Jugendra, I’m creating Quiz Tournaments application and I’m want to create a professional look in my kodular App. Like MPL Tournaments list, The data of tournament(i.e Name, Time, Prize etc.) will load from airtable and we can change the number of tournaments from airtable. I have atteched screenshot of this. If is this possible using kodular then please tell me.

Let’s see, designing that interface is relatively easy, the question is to integrate the design to the desired functions

If you are trying to make a earning app they are not allowed.

If not its a good question.

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This is not a earning app. This is a quiz app that contains 7 category and each category have minimum 10 quiz (encreased in future) and each quiz have 10 question.
So i’m say that “This is not a earning Application”

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Yes, You are right but a want this design with dynamic function. If i want to change the number of Quiz(Add more Tournaments) than design for new Tournamens will be added automatically in quiz.

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It will need a long procedure of blocks using dynamic components. I think so it is posible for quiz app not 100% same but giving it some time we can do it.
I think you should start doing it if any problems occurs ask here.

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You can try something like this.
Its just a scratch idea, by changing different properties like colour,size,etc. It can look like as you want.

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Thank You so much for spending time for me :slight_smile:
But I have Some screenshoots of my quiz app here :->

My application have a single line of title of quiz name(using listview) but i want to show all these:->

You can use custom list view
or colintree list view

Ok Thanks, I will mark this as solutions if it looks as i want. :slight_smile: