I want to add Back button which takes user to recent Screen

Hello Dev’s,
As title show i need help regarding recent screen button.
actually i have created App with one Choose interest screen and other 5 Child Screens which display data from Airtable Spreadsheet. Every Screen display Different Table from same Spreadsheet and Every list heads to Single Screen name " data ".
Which contains TextBox , Image and Label. into which data is displayed of that specific position.

Now. i have problem that. i unable to create back button which can heads to recent list i.e. ( in my case ) Student, no money , etc.’
I actually import one HOME button in my bottom navigation which works fine as i set blocks to head at ChooseInterest Screen.

Please help me with Recent Screen / last Screen button.
Here are some screenshots of above explanations.

This is my first Screen aka chooseInterest Screen. ( from which i directed those buttons to different Screens ).

This is my Student Screen ( which opens after clicking on Student button in interest screen )

And this is my “data” Screen. which shows data from All tables in Spreadsheet. ( After selecting item from List ).

That circle to Favorite button in bottom navigation indicates that. i want to add button at that position.

i need button on this " Data " Screen. which should head over to recent Screen i.e Student , no money , etc. ( whichever is selected in interest Screen ).

I dont understand how to do it. Please help me out Dev’s.

And where is the problem to do it?
Also where are your blocks?
Nobody can help you here without anything…

Where are the blocks? else expect nothing!
:point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

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blocks (14)

i dont know much to go back to recent screen so command to go Home in this block when back press.
blocks (15)
And this blocks are for bottom navigation. which i am using for specific action for specific button.