I want to add in app billing in my app but only support android studio

i have searched the community relating to this topic but cant find a solution. i have read the google play billing doc. but it only talk about android studio and am not using android studio for my app. how can i implement in app billing in my app and if there is other alternatives please let me know am really stock here. in app billing is the only thing delaying my work, if am able to achieve this then i have completed my app. please everyone i need your help.

Use In-App Billing component

i dont know how to set it up please help me

Search it on Monetization Category

do you know how i can set it up in my developer account

I recommend read this doc by @Taifun:


If the integrated component fails you can use the extension by @pavi2410


please where will i get the test marchant id

You will have to setup your own Merchant account in Google Play Console.

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Use that. Instead of using the extension like some have suggested, just use the component from Kodular.

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Thank you guys I now fully understand.:+1:

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