I want to block these kind of words

Is there any extensions to block words as same as this community like, br0, se* fu*k to *** *** **** like this format I’m making a chat app please help.

Some times they also send like this br0 instead of br_o so how to block these kinds?

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It will help you.

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But its not suitable for all cases can you make advanced version of this? In this we can add custom texts also

split the text box text at spaces, and use for each item in the list block, and compare word by word and filter the bad words

BTW I can’t work a long for this so, extension developers use libraries and make it soon… @Still-learning your idea is a failure thing for me

I think you can use his idea in a different way with a online database where you setup your own bad words than replace the last segment as @Still-learning said.

Create a list with all censored words, add them as keys in a dictionary and use replace all mappings in text block

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Are you asking me to type one by one :sweat::exploding_head:

You can download lists

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I agree with @dora_paz
You should do this.

You are extension developer nah please make an extension with these words please

Just download the list of bad words sent by @dora_paz and use the method explained by others here.

Just I don’t want it I request a developer to make extension

how much do you want to pay?


Hey @Gareeb_bhai
I am a java learner. If i create this extension then i will follow @dora_paz 's suggestion. Because he is right.

So what you want…?

Make like her suggestion and also let us to add custom list of words in extension

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Ok i will try. but wait.

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