I want to call alarm manager in my phone

hi all, here i wanna ask .
i have set a time for example 22 march 2020 : time 18.40 : lunch with daughter
and a button

i want if i click the button it will open alarm inside my phone,
so it just setting alarm to that time and label
i see in my phone i have time select, repeat, label for naming alarm
how can i do that

i try to search intent but not found any. please help
thanks in advance

Take a look at this extension created by @Taifun, I’m not sure if it will help you but it will guide you …
Alarm Extension

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the alarm extension uses the alarm clock API, so you only can set an alarm, set a repeating alarm and set a timer
you can’t set an alarm for a specific date in future


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i thought we can do it using intent or something like whatsapp or dial phone , or sms