I want to change the namespace location on TinyDB

I want them to change the namespace location in TinyDB to make storage and organization work in the database even easier.
Image Block

But it’s really easy. And believe that this does not justify the effort.
There are other problems that I think are more important. Especially since your wish can be easily realized with current on-board equipment.


Or if you really want it to look like the block you provided, put what @franz1 said in a procedure:
blocks (37)


that way we will practically have to redo all the blocks in one procedure (for the “get tag”), when the solution could come ready.

Originally I wanted to have different namespace, but after a while I found that I cannot delete particular namespace. You’ll have to use delete all tags.

in a TinyDB I need to save a list of songs, artists, folders and other things, whenever I want to access one of these lists I will have to set the namespace, the number of blocks is huge to do this.

Yes, but is it actually possible to delete particular namespace?

It’s not possible

Ok I just want to confirm
Now I am making an app which allows the user to delete a particular value in tinydb
so I have to set different tags :grimacing:

I believe that what you want to do can be with the help of Dictionary and TinyDB. Create the tags and keys in a dictionary and save the dictionary in a TinyDB tag, then retrieve whenever you need and delete any tags you want.

Use Dictionary and TinyDB and see if these blocks give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

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