I want to check if this word contains in text box but its not working

i want to check if this words is there in the text box or not, if available then i want to block it but its not working.
can any one please help

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in piece block just make csv string
eg. xyz,abc,pqr
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not workig

What do you mean by “not working”?
Show how you implemented it in your app and show the result and what you expect.

It was return true or false work with that

i mean lets say this is a sentence " a quick brown for jumps over the lazy dog" not i want to check multiple words like jumps,dog,brown at a time.
but using coma also its not working i have tried the way you have shown.

Try to see if you can adapt that code to your need.

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thank you it works

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but how can i use if then with this blocks. for example if this word contains then show an error else upload the data.

Just check if the list of words is empty, or not. If it is empty, that mean the text is clean otherwise not.

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Do not yell

who is yelling?

You are

Writing in capital letters is considered as shouting

I was really happy that it worked. i was trying for such a long time.

There are other ways to express your happiness

well everyone has their own way. how would you have shown?

People don’t think that, we follow one rule here and it’s to not shout.

Just putting text in bold or not saying it at all I guess.

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then i guess you dont appreciate the help when you get from someone.

Yeah, it’s unfortunate. But you can always just mark it as a solution and be happy without them knowing or use emojis.

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