I want to count down, can you help me?

friends, I want to do a countdown. Imagine a date will be set. For example, July 7, registered on this date, and should count one day until this date. For example, on July 7, there will be 120 days, so there will be 1 button, we will click on it, a page will open. and on this page, the set date will be the countdown day

You can use deephost countdown extention

I don’t know how I can use it.

Download deephost app & search for countdown. You will get the extention

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nice application, but for my need, very complicated,all I want is a checkbox that remains saved by clicking

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You said you wanted to count down. To count down, then use the Clock. To save a checkbox, use the TinyDB.

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You are going off topic in your own post. You opened different topic for your ads problem.

could you please upload or send me extention of deep host countdown timer. I can’t register on his app

If you need a secured countdown extension, you can buy my extension

You just need to provide the end date and it will start the countdown from current time. For more information read the post.

please read it to help me