I want to create a app using cardview

I want to create app using cardview . I tried many times but it says error . So , i replace cardview with list view with images now its working , is there any way to create list view using cardview . I tried but its not . Please help me.

i create it using list view , but i want to create using cardview extension . Is this possible. These are my blocks.

You can make it with Dinamic Components:

The blocks:

The result:

Thank u for the help. but i want to set action when the cardview is clicked . Is this possible.

you are using is ListView, not cardview

Yeah , i used listview but , i want to use cardview in the place of listview

You have a variable in which you save a list of Titles, another variable that you save a list of Subtitles or contents (in my example the vaiable is “Notes”)

Then you use these blocks to get the contents of each Card

Thank you Pepocero