I want to create a list into a list

hello developers,
if you dont understand what i want to say then see
here are three list in 1 list

now i want to do is to save all 3 data in a list. there after extract all of three list in three saperate list means like this
(1,2,3) (4,8,7) (5,8,7)

may be this wil happend with "list from csv table " block but i am unable to use this
please give an advice

Maybe tell where your data will be coming from and how long your lists will be. Will it be always the same number or will length of lists vary.

there are estimate 50 items in list and i can save it in textbox like this Screenshot_195
and data is always same
and length of list not verry

Where is your data coming from in other words how is the list assembled.

Data is not comming from anywhere.
I add this data list to block.
I will create a variable and attach a text box to it containing data.
And still i have not assembled list.

Let see an example

I have this data in a variable 1,2,3 /n 2,3,4 /n 5,3,2… And so on

Now in a procedure i want this data to calculate something. I want to create a loop like first i want to work with 1,2,3 then with 2,3,4 then with 5,3,2 and so on

If I understood it right, then one way that I think of is :point_down:


And the result, I got using a list view is :point_down: (Used the list view just to show the separated elements properly)

Hope this is what you want :+1: :slight_smile:

Good work.

Till split text it is ok. But after split i want to set 1,2,3 into a different variable

See the picture above. Likewise you can do for second and third element :slight_smile:

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this one help me alot.

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