I want to data store from mysql to tinydb

How can i create table format in tiny db .
I want to store data from mysql to tinydb

Provide more infor regarding your data. Without knowing the structure of your data, it is hard. However you can easily do with the help of dictionary mode i think. Retrive data from SQL and store in tinydb as dictionary mode simple

Also you can search community to get best answer which suits you most

Id. Question a. b c d. rightans
1 question. a. B c. D. B

Yes then use dictionary mode would best one.

Retrive data from SQL and Use question number as tinydb tag And value (make a dictionary, key q.no , value make a list (Question,option1, option2,option3, option4, correct answer)

So while retriving time, you can easily retrive from Tinydb

Ok. Can u show me in block

Can You search in comunnity :mag:? :mag::+1:

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