I want to get data from a api.anyone can help me?

Hey koder,
I want to get balance and send payment from this api - https://faucetpay.io/api/v1/

Any one can help with blocks to get and send?

Api documentation

Set web url to (as dictated in the documentation)
Call web.get

Initialise one global variable with create empty dictionary

Set label text to get value for the key (price) dictionary (web Json decode the text (get global variable) if not found (not found)

Thank you for your answer,
But the thing is I don’t know to make url in documentation.
How to add parameters like api key and other things to url

Sample, here I used invalid api key, you try with your own key


I tried but not work https://faucetpay.io/api/v1/balance?api_key=53a9a4a6d869fbb79d660a8254ab65949bac1e97

Make sure you have valid API key

Yes i tried.

Fo I need you use post block.If yes how

This works:


thank you very much it is working but after joining other requests it didn’t working

show your relevant blocks with other attempted requests…

here it is

Before currency you must set “&” to work

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thank you very much it is working. :blush:

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