I want to give main screen start value form other two screen

remember s1, s2, s3, s4 (s-screen) so I want to give a value form s2, s3, s4 to s1 and i want to give different s value to different components
blocks !
main screen

screen 1 value and screen 2 is also same but as you can see i want to give screen 2 value to 2 band background color and first_band background color form screen 1

When ever you start apo S1 only will open. So logically you can send values from S1 to other screens only. If you want value mean you need to use databases like Firebase, gsheet and some others. Pls make sure, Is this what you are really want to ask?
S2,S3,SE to S1. ?

can i share a video how it need to work

It’s too confusing at all. If you want to pass component properties from this screen to another screen then I will suggest you to use extension for it. It will make the process more easier than start value

it is saying the file is big so i can not share it

can we have a small discord call so i can explian it to you

I do not know what exactly you are trying to do. but maybe I can try to achieve that.

if u cant upload video then u can send screenshots step by step

can i share aia file

sure, u can. if its not personal project

sureresisiter_code_breaker.aia (16.5 KB)

yes but it need to be set as a background color to other screen

Use dictionary blocks and when any button click block


i will try that

just check this video

i will try this know and then share you is it working or not

sorry to know u it is not working it is the same error in the video i share

I was in hurry so i used a quick static jugaadbaji (Trick) :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope it will work for you

resisiter_code_breaker_updated.aia (18.1 KB)

A similar approach,

resisiter_code_breaker_1.aia (16.7 KB)

thanks both of you for support