I want to hire a pro develope to make a offline quiz app?

hello friends i want to make a offline quiz app which contain 20000 questions and 200 categories and and also 50 subcategories how it is possible please drop your view

if u can do it then please drop your view

I change your topic to #marketplace since you wish to hire a developer

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Only one account is allowed in the community, which one should I delete @Pritam_Sharma_ofc or @SPARCK ?

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Oops, The Other One Was Private Account :sweat_smile:
@Pritam_Sharma_ofc Could Be Deleted though, If Needed

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yes i can do this you can message me on telegram or on comunity for more information

I several years ago made an extension “quiz maker” that allowed to build a quiz app via csv or firebase.
It Is for a four questionor or true or false question.
Has ability to randomize question without repetition,and other stuff that i now i don’t remember.
It you are interested pm me.