I want to load data in my app from google sheets. How to cache the data?

So, I want to load data in my app from google sheets. My app will use google sheets in read only mode.

So my question is, will my app send request to google sheet whenever user opens the app?

Is there a way to cache the data of google sheet, so that the app does not request to google sheet whenever the user opens the app and also purge cache only when there is a change of data in google sheets, so that fresh new data is loaded.

Thanks in advance.

Only if you program your app in that way

Is this because of the size of the data, or internet/data connectivity?

You can store your downloaded data in a tinyDB, in a csv text file, or use sqlite. Whichever is more suitable.

Given you say that the app will not be changing the data on the google sheet, a long polling / dataChanged method seems a bit of overkill for this.

What you could do is setup a date marker or increasing version number marker in a cell on your sheet, and check just this with your app. If it doesn’t match the value stored on the app then download the data (and update the stored version number value)

I also intent to develop such app, if you have developed this app, kindly share with me.
Thanks in advance