I want to log in with firebase authentication and spreadssheet and an airtable table

hello community Can somebody help me? I want to log in with firebase authentication and spreadssheet and an airtable table I leave you the logic thank you

What is your problem?

it won’t let me log in with a google account

Look, your problem could be due to many factors. That Airtable is not delivering data to you due to poor configuration, that you do not have the google-service.json loaded or that you do not have Firebase authentication correctly configured.

The simple fact of indicating that it does not work for you does not help at all, if you do not provide more information and details.

I think it is the airtable because I put the json document and the configuration I think is fine too What could I do to configure the airtable correctly in my app? thank you

First make sure that the problem is airtable, check if you have correctly configured the token, Id, table, and view, check if you granted the permissions to the DB (data.records:read) if the get responds, it means that everything is fine, then you go to the next level which would be firebase Auth.

Saying (I think it is)… is not an option, it works or it doesn’t.
review your procedures step by step.

By the way, you continue without providing enough information to be able to help you.

yes, and what database do I put in adding a database thanks for everything

I still don’t have the solution thanks for everything
I don’t know what to put in table and in view

y si, hay que seguir los procedimientos y leer la documentacion, hay muchas guias al respecto, no es simplemente poner un componente y que salga andando.

What do I put in the table and view of the spreadsheet component?

Hello, it does not pass the values ​​to the other screen

Thanks for your help, I have been able to select the Google account, but it does not open the other screen