I want to make a app for auto impression for Google ads

Shimul3.apk (3.2 MB)
I want to make a app like that for my google account… plz help me to make that app and if any need plz mail me at [email protected]

First off, I’m not installing an APK with so little clarification of what it is.
Secondly, from what I understand, you want to make an app that automatically clicks your ADs so that you earn money.
Short answer: Don’t even think about it.
Long answer: Trying to get fake impressions on ADs will suspend your AdMob account. Read the AdMob guidelines, and stay out of fishy business.


I gotta vote with him with the little clarification and everything else

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If you are referring to “advertisements”, use the word “ads” instead of “adds”. “Adds” means to sum (+) some numbers to make them bigger together), and “ads” is an abbreviation of “Advertisements”.
I’m telling you I was making the same mistake for months :grimacing:


for click your own ads ??? somenthing difficult