I want to make a app

Hi all I have written a idea to make a app about transport application,
I’ll explain my idea pls dont steal it.
I want to build a app like where some drivers can put their details and search a job. Like though some companies can give their route details vehicle details part time jobs. So any vehicle owner can search and do their jobs. And anyone can find their details about transport.
Excatly I need login screen sign up registration. Like this pls someone help me. I just need an lead so don’t expect any money as of now. But for sure if I get success in this I’ll give u good surprise. Thanks.

You joined 18 minutes ago. What did you do yourself already? Did you search the community for answers? Logins are discussed on the forum.


After I searched lot only I asked question if not I wouldn’t have.

Just by using the search word “login” you can find a lot of info. What did you use to search?



You should also search google for Thunkable, Makeroid, Kodular, and Appybuilder tutorials and videos. The principals are the same. A lot of good videos are in Hindi, but you can watch the blocks that are used and get what is going on if Hindi is not a language you know.

@Peter is 100% correct. You have to learn by doing. People like us are here to help and will help when you show you have tried things yourself.

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I’m just not understanding y u people don’t understand me.
I clearly tell you I want to make a app about transport.
Where any company can give their job details by uploading
Or any one search a details about driver vehicle routes.
I don’t know how to start if I just get details I’ll go ahead.
One second
I just want a app can save everyone data. And anyone can search their data by searching in a app.
This start lead give me Ill break it through.

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There are many examples out there. Go through the tutorials and figure some of the things out. For me to try to explain it to you woudl be… a tutorial. And I am not going to rewrite the wheel.

So lookup tutorials and videos about storing data and searching for data. It is very straightforward, and there are a bunch of options. You have to pick the option that works for you.

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