I want to make a game with realtime online matching?

I want to make a multiplayer game where everyone will be matched with each other randomly as any other online multiplayer game works. but i want to know what if two devices request a tag at the same time and then both will get same value which will be their number to wait to be matched with a opponent next to his number( like my number is odd then i will join even number player which will be above my number or below) (the number will be added +1 in the tag after the device got the value) but what if two person gets a single value and if this can happen then how can i solve this problem.


Use airtable
When player clicks play create row with name and any value
Then use choose at random when getting online list and get alll tags

Use firebase as it is a reatime database and here the on data changed block will be most important

No use firebase instead as if you use spreadsheet then you can use maximum 5 requests per second… If somehow it exceeds it then you have to wait more 30 seconds to access it

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Use SocketIO extension, random users can match up and join a random room for real time communication. You can set up the max capacity of the room.
Some blocks:

Here is the extension: