I want to make BotChat

I want to make botchat anyone can help me

Welcome. Please specify your question + search the community before asking. Thx.

Artificial intelligence is much harder to make than you think. But googling can give you some great open ideas.

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Hope this will help you too:

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Maybe it can help you

can u give me aia file i need.

What part of “it’s very difficult” and “read these articles” did you not get?

This link will help you 100%

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Thanks for support please send me screen shot of airtable database n also connect tinydb because some don’t have internet Connection then

How can i make offline

You can view my post in that I have added airtable link.
For airtable I have used :-
Two columns

  1. if
  2. then
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I hv already but i want offline get data from airtable

You can use tiny db for that, just get column from airtable then store it in tinydb by tag name if and do same for then.

if u hv please send me please send me request

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