I want to make Govt jobs notification app where from I can store and get data fast

I am currently ussing airtable to store data But it is very slow and have some limitations of 1200 records .
And I want to show data like post(blog) means I want to write all information about job and also want to show some pictures .

I used airtable to do this …but storing all things like title of the post ,category,links,images,text data of individual post in airtable takes many columns .and getting these all coloums in start of app takes more time (Now I have only 10-15 notification it takes 10-15 seconds to load)

Please give me some appropriate solution of this problem

These are screenshots of my app …

Try to use html based text and reduce columns

Thankyou !
Can u Please give me idea how to do this

You can use Google Spreadsheet as Database
You get almost 65K Rows and also loading data is fast as compared to airtable.

You can also use Google Spreadsheet Extension for this by app Helper and for Tutorial you can watch on YouTube

I use html code for showcase texts and table but that also takes coloumn

Ok … I will use this …Have you any idea how to showcase txt and images by html or web component

Best thing is to use MYSQL for this for big data operations . MYSQL is best for this you will get thousand of records in some seconds with a normal hosting. Which cost you around 10 dollar per year or maybe less.

I already have hosting . But I am not familiar with SQL … But I think I have to move my database on SQL .

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Yes you have to.