I want to open webviewer in vertical arrangement

Hey koders. I need some help. I am creating an app where we can post articles using airtable database. I am trying to create this app in single screen using vertical scroll arrangement. I used cardview extension to show articles. I placed webviewer inside vertical scroll arrangement. So now if i click on article, then that article should open in webviewer inside vertical scroll arrangement, not in another screen. Because i used single screen to create app. In single screen, i created four vertical arrangements as 4 screens. How can i implement this feature?

is your webviewer inside 4 vertical arrangement or out?
if it is in:
to show article you need to set webviewer visible to false
and when cardview clicked set cardview visible to false and set webviewer visible to true and load the link.

If it is out:
when cardview after picking , set vertical arrangements(all arrangement except one which conatin webviewer) visible to false and set webviewer visible to true and load link

it can be a bit confusing,
feel free to ask or tell me if this is not something you want…

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Thanks mate. It worked for me. Thanks

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if it solved your problem, mark my reply solution so that others with same problem find it easy to solve

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