I want to provide a monthly subscription feature to my user

Hello kodars
In my app i want to collect monthly subscription fee, suppose a user take a monthly subscription today and after 30 days this subscription should end. and also i want to get the subscription validity left time of a particular user in airtable.

Forget it…it doesn’t work here …

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Hi !

Forget it…it doesn’t work 🤷

what about using Google In App Billing and its subscription feature?
however Subscriptions renew automatically until they’re canceled, see also

for example App Inventor Extensions: Billing | Pura Vida Apps, note: there are also other billing extensions around…


You could use Patreon or BuyMeACoffee Subscriptions. It handles all payments for you.

I made a guide for that:

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I don’t think it is completely impossible to achieve. If you are a weirdo like me, who uses databases to make login systems then it is completely possible.
You just have to save the date they purchased the subscription to one cell and whenever your app opens, you have to count if more than 30 days have passed. If more than 30 days are passed then lock your contents. If they purchase subscription again, then just update the cells date.

you might be interested in reading the Google policies before continuing…
see this similar thread…



In billing process app some app starts screen recording secretly or saves screenshots or saves other thing which is unsecure so in app billing is the best

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Thank you @Ajoy_Das but if i will save the purchase date and time to platform like airtable or firebase than is it possible to compare that data with system time for month check.

Thanks Shubhanshu
As i am new in this platform, i am not so much familiar with in-app-billing, so it will be very easy for me with payment gateway and a clock sensor for record the subscription date.

I don’t think this is impossible in any way, it is pretty easy to do so. But the thing you should think about is the security and privacy of your app.

Do not store in tiny db or use eryupt your data before saving or save in data base with device id

It causing a problem. When the application is open it working good but after close and reopen the app the function is not working. I have testes with 2 minute subscription.

If you get the cell every time you open the app and then dycript the date and calculate, I think it should work just fine. There might be some problems with your blocks instead.

i have set the test logic in got cell component but now it is showing error of the clock sensor. if i will removed the test logic from got cell component than it works only when the app is open. after app close and reopen than it is not working as it should.

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