I want to receive data from other screen

I have 3 screen : screen1,screen2,screen3
I want to receive data(Text) from screen2 and screen 3 to screen1
What can I do?

So you are telling you want to get screen 2, and 3rd values whenever you open the app.

Tell us first, before opening thegate , Is it possible to buy product?

But it is possible if you open the screen 1 after Screen2 & 3

Yes open Screen1 the first After that It’s up to you to turn 2 or 3.

Your request is on the Spanish website and developer forum


Search here and if found, post what you did to me

His request cont be solved.

He wants screen 2&3 data in screen 1. It seems circulatory function. No solution. Where he can put end mark?

There is only one solution possible… instead of usin multiple screens, he have to use multiple horizontal or vertical arrangement in the same screen, so he can get his value…

read tip 1


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